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Interdisciplinary Performance Artist




Nelia Miller is an interdisciplinary performer/creator. Her work integrates the physical, vocal, and technical elements of theatre performance to create layered, rich storytelling experiences.

Professional studies and performances include work in Bonn, London, Moscow, California, and Chicago. Her interdisciplinary approach is inspired by work with Erika Berland and Wendell Beavers at Naropa University and she continues her practice through somatics, physical theatre, and voice. Select regional credits include Chicago Danztheatre, Walkabout, (re)discover theatre, Collaboraction, The New Colony, and several works with Mozawa. Nelia is an ensemble member with Chicago Danztheatre.

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Artist Statement

I bounce off the walls of dance, vocal, and narrative techniques, pointedly breaking the rules of each discipline to provoke questions around a narrative. My stories are based in bodies and where experiences live in the body: I love what it feels like when I'm unrestrained and my voice is free and resonant, and I hate when I lose control over my body and I choke on my voice in the back of my throat. My performances run along this gamut. I play with the gap between the (non)somatic and the (un)sounded using dance, opera, extended vocalization, and anatomical imagery.


My work demands vulnerability and space for failure when presented to an audience who expects perfection. With simplicity, humor, and awkward gesture, I push myself across the fourth wall as an artist in a nod to Meredith Monk, Laurie Anderson, Pina Bausch, Yoko Ono, and Karen Finley. I engage the audience on all levels until the uncomfortable journey of reconciling the body and voice is allowed rather than negated.

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