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The Party House

The Runaways Lab Theater

Written and Directed by Olivia Lilley

September 3-27, 2015

2241 W. 21st St, Chicago, IL

Chronicling the glorious adventures of 211 S. Neville, the house on the hill behind the Catholic boys’ school, The Party House is a re-enactment / re-imagining of a year, recorded by hand painstakingly by one house scribe. In our story, we call her Odette. Shirtless O’Clock, Beer Showers, and waking up in the morning feelin like P. Diddy are resurrected through the collaborative efforts of 14 actors, the ghost of 17 notebooks, and the scattered memories of 1 director.

What happens when one person’s memories of a pinnacle time in their life are fictionalized by a group to create an entirely new experience? We will find out.

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