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Y Portraits

Featured artist

Curated by Matthew Ozawa and Jodi Gage

Chicago, IL

An interdiscplinary art gallery experience: In July 2015, Mozawa presented Y PORTRAITS: Awakening - a triple collaboration project between Mozawa, Ho Etsu Taiko, and Chicago Harp Quartet. This interdiscplinary art gallery experience displayed a collection of international Millenial artists' self-portraits in their chosen medium, including visual art, photography, live dramatic and musical performance, and movement. Mozawa presented a new vision of the "Y Generation" in this one-of-a-kind experience. A featured artist in the gallery, Nelia recorded June 2015 composite, a vocal exploration of the line between technique and letting go in compositional and vocal approaches. As a portrait, it is a study of her voice in June 2015. As an awakening, it is finding where she resonates in the spaces between re-creating the technical structures of a pre-existing work and creating her own compositions.

Click here for audio from Nelia's portrait:

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