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Written and directed by Matthew Ozawa


Collaboraction Space

October 31-November 2, 2014

An adaptation of Akutagawa's short story, "In A Grove" and Kurosawa's film, "Rashamon," FALLEN tells the story of a horrific event as seen through the eyes of seven different individuals whose lives are forever changed. Challenging our perception of truth, FALLEN featured an original score by Koto Player Yumi Kurosawa and Electronic Sound Artist Mike Vernusky. This hybrid theater event combined Easter and Western theater and musical traditions in a powerhouse production. Fallen is one of Mozawa's first collaborations, developed over the course of a two week workshop and culminating in a showcase performance accompanied by a glimpse into the rehearsal process. The workshop featured a collaboration among 16 actors, Koto player Yumi Kurosawa, Electronic Sound Artist Mike Vernusky, and Set Designer/Installation Artist Grant Bowen.

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